Custom Pet Stuffed Animal - Personalized Stuffed Animal
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Custom Pet Stuffed Animal - Personalized Stuffed Animal

Custom pet stuffed animal Hansightoy toy brand will tell you what the process of customizing plush toys is and the key points that customers need to pay attention to.

Customized service process

1: Provide samples

Provide technical requirements such as quantity, deadline, pictures, specifications, materials, and filling of customized plush toy products, or directly provide plush toy samples.

2: Calculate the unit price of plush toys

After understanding the customer's needs in detail, the plush toy manufacturer calculates the unit price of the plush toys based on the drawing or original according to the required quantity. The unit price generally does not include tax and freight, and the actual price of the goods is subject to the final confirmation model.

3: Proofing fee

The proofing fee will be charged by the plush toy manufacturer upon request, and the proofing fee will be refundable after the order is issued.

4: Make a sample

Small samples are given by plush toy manufacturers to confirm with customers. If the proofing is not satisfactory, the first sample can be modified to satisfaction and the first sample can be determined by both parties. The plush toy manufacturer provides the exact unit price and shipping time of the product.

5: Sign the contract

After both parties confirm that the samples are ready, they should sign a manufacturing contract. Regular plush toys should receive 30% of the total payment, and special plush toys should receive 50% of the advance payment.

6: Mass production

Purchase materials based on confirmed samples to start production and wait for shipment.

7: Customer inspection

After the production of plush toys is completed, customers can go to the plush toy manufacturer to inspect the goods or take photos of the bulk goods for confirmation.

8: Prepare for shipment

After confirming most of the goods, customers must pay the balance, that is, arrange shipment.

custom pet stuffed animal

Things to note when customizing plush toys

Clarifying your goals and needs can provide guidance for the subsequent customization process and help select the most appropriate personalized stuffed animal manufacturer. In the process of customizing plush dolls, communication and cooperation with manufacturers are very important. Here are three key takeaways from Hansightoy:

Communicate in advance: Before starting customization, fully communicate with suppliers and clarify the expectations and requirements of both parties. Share brand stories, brand images and design concepts, and work with suppliers to develop customized solutions.

Design Confirmation: Ensure the design of the plush doll is confirmed before final production. Verify every detail with the supplier, including size, color, material, etc., to ensure the final product meets expectations. And it is necessary to maintain timely communication with suppliers and follow up on progress at any time. Understand production schedules, quality control, and delivery times to ensure custom plush dolls are delivered on time.

Feedback and improvements: Provide feedback and opinions on customized plush dolls, and work with suppliers to improve and adjust to improve the effectiveness of next cooperation.

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Based on the above key points, companies can be more successful in customizing plush dolls in their first experience. Founded in 1985, Hansightoy is a plush toy manufacturer integrating design, customization and production. After years of development, Hansightoy currently has an experienced and creative design team that focuses on providing unique design and personalized customization services according to the needs of enterprises. Whether it is customizing corporate mascots, representative products or images that are in line with corporate cultural characteristics, they create unique plush dolls through exquisite craftsmanship and the selection of high-quality materials.

Hansightoy's design team will have a deep understanding of the company's values and concepts, listen to customers' needs and provide professional suggestions. They integrate the company's image and story into the plush dolls through unique creativity and design concepts. Whether it is creating a cute mascot image or showing the characteristics of the company's core products, Hansightoy can present it in an innovative way. During the production process, Hansightoy pays attention to the perfect presentation of every detail. They use carefully selected materials such as soft and comfortable fleece and durable filling to ensure the quality and feel of the doll is satisfying. Their craftsmanship and strict quality control processes ensure that each plush doll meets high standards, and interested friends are welcome to inquire.