Hansightoy Custom Stuffed Animal Maker in Chian
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Hansightoy Custom Stuffed Animal Maker in Chian

As a company specializing in customized plush toys, Hansightoy has customized nearly 10,000 exclusive plush toys for children in recent years. So today Hansightoy custom stuffed animal maker will tell you what you need to pay attention to if you want to customize an exclusive plush toy!

In recent years, manufacturers of customized plush toys have sprung up. Faced with so many optional manufacturers, we first need to pay attention to the qualifications of the plush toy factory. We must pay attention to the manufacturer's own production scale and equipment conditions. At the same time, the doll's production technology and strength are important basis for our choice.

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Hansightoy, a plush toy factory located in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, has a cutting workshop, a sewing workshop, a finishing workshop, an embroidery workshop, a punching workshop, and a packaging workshop. It also has an inspection center, a design center, a production center, and a warehousing center. , material center and other complete institutions, more than 30 professional designers create customized plush toys for customers, and nearly a thousand workers make plush toys. At the same time, since its establishment, the factory has always adopted implementation standards no lower than those of the European Union, and its products are exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. The company has passed international ICTI, ISO, UKAS and other relevant international and domestic certifications.

The plush toys produced by such a factory with complete qualifications, well-staffed and well-equipped facilities are safer and more reliable. At the same time, because professional designers work overtime, they can make each child's customized doll more cute and trendy.

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Hansightoy mainly provides many exclusive customization services such as "painted dolls", "plush doll customization" and "pet doll customization". Therefore, customers must understand what type they want before preparing to customize a doll. For example, if you want to customize a cute plush toy based on a child's painting, you need to send your painting to Hansightoy via email. After the designer's professional design, the pattern maker's precise pattern making, and the workers working overtime to make it, a three-dimensional and lovely doll is finished.

At the same time, we should also pay attention to the materials used in customized dolls. This has a very important relationship with factory qualifications. Many factories use non-compliant and unqualified materials in order to blindly keep prices down, and the inside is even "black-hearted cotton" that has endless practical consequences. Although the plush toys made in this way are cheap, they are harmful but useless!

Therefore, when purchasing plush toys, we must take the factory into account, and we cannot blindly choose cheap toys based on price alone. When customizing dolls, we must choose a company with a strong design team! Welcome to choose Hansightoy custom made soft toys manufacturer, we will bring you a satisfactory service experience.

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