How to Clean Stuffed Animals and Dolls?
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How to Clean Stuffed Animals and Dolls?

Stuffed animals and dolls are indispensable companions as we grow up, and the joy and comfort they bring are irreplaceable. However, these adorable toys also require our care and attention. As a professional wholesale teddy bear suppliers, Hansightoy will share how to clean stuffed animals and dolls to keep them clean and hygienic and extend their service life.

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How to clean stuffed animals and dolls

Washing: For some washable stuffed animals and dolls, you can use the washing method. Put the toys into the washing machine, add an appropriate amount of mild detergent, select the gentle washing mode, and dry after washing. However, it should be noted that not all stuffed animals and dolls are suitable for washing. Please check the washing label or consult the manufacturer before operating.

Wiping: For some stuffed animals and dolls that cannot be washed, we can use a wet towel or professional toy cleaner to wipe. Use gentle pressure when wiping to avoid damaging the velvet and internal filling.

Iron: Ironing can remove dust and odor from the surface of stuffed animals and dolls. When using ironing, place the toy on a clean towel and avoid direct contact with the ironing head to prevent damage to the toy.

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Stuffed animal and doll cleaner

Shampoo: For long-haired toys, you can use a mild shampoo for cleaning. Shampoo can effectively remove dirt from the surface of toys without causing damage to them.

Body wash: For short-haired or stuffed toys, use a mild body wash to clean them. Shower gel not only has a cleaning effect, but also protects the plush and stuffing of toys.

Soap: Soap is also a good choice for some simple cleaning tasks. The soap solution needs to be diluted when using it to avoid damage to the toy.

It should be noted that when using detergent, you need to follow the instructions for use of the detergent to avoid overuse or incorrect use that may cause damage to the toy.

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Care for stuffed animals and dolls

In order to keep stuffed animals and dolls clean and intact, we need to carry out the following maintenance measures:

Avoid direct sunlight: Prolonged sunlight exposure can cause the toy's plush to fade or become brittle, so the toy needs to be stored in a cool and ventilated place.

Keep toys dry: Humid environments can easily cause toys to become moldy and smell, so toys need to be kept dry. After cleaning, toys should be placed in a dry place to dry and protected from moisture.

Regular grooming: For long-haired toys, regular grooming is required to keep the plush tidy and prevent tangles. Careful attention is required when combing to avoid damaging the hair.

Avoid contact with sharp objects: Sharp objects can easily puncture or scratch the surface of the toy, so you need to avoid placing the toy near sharp objects.

Regular inspection: Regularly check whether the plush, filling and internal structure of the toy are intact. If there is any damage, repair it in time.

Cleaning stuffed animals and dolls is an important task in our daily lives. It not only keeps our toys tidy and in good condition, but also extends their lifespan. During the cleaning process, we need to choose the appropriate method and cleaning agent according to the material and type of the toy, and pay attention to maintenance to ensure that the toy is clean and intact. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to safe use to avoid unnecessary harm. We hope that with our Hansightoy plush supplier sharing, everyone can better clean and maintain their stuffed animals and dolls, so that they always stay cute and clean.