How To Make Custom Plush Toy?
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How To Make Custom Plush Toy?

Plush Toy Custom Design Process

1. Model collection
Collect various animation, cartoon and toy shapes, extract valuable information from them, and then give creative and personalized things that boldly use your imagination, and record these design ideas.

2. Concentration of information
Based on the design concept, these plans are then screened and good designs are selected to modify them. Determining the design is to weigh various factors from different angles, measure various factors, and determine the final plan after comprehensive consideration.

3. Design renderings
Design renderings are a good expression of design, and they need to be in color. Only in this way can we express our concepts and achieve excellent design effects.

4. Three-dimensional film drawing
This is a very effective simple method that only requires black and white. This is a simplification of the complex process of converting a two-dimensional concept into a three-dimensional one, i.e. representing all the formed lines to be cut and stitched.

5. Cutting the drawing with material
The cutting of plush toys is similar to that of clothing, but the cutting of plush toys is more regular, and the cutting of plush toys is constantly changing. Each set of cutting pieces determines the shape of the three-dimensional animal, which determines the quality of the design shape, and the design is also complicated and cumbersome.

6. Trial production of design samples
This process can also be said to be a process of achieving a design effect close to the design renderings after repeated modifications and trial production. Of course, the design effect can be the same as or even exceed the design effect.

7. Determine the cutting piece
After the trial production, determine and paint the pieces with good effects, including materials, colors, plush, etc.

How to make custom plush toy?

If customers need to customize exclusive plush toys, they need to pay attention to:

1. Design drawings: Provide clear and detailed design drawings, including style, size, color, material and other information.

2. Material selection: Select the appropriate material and filling according to the type of plush toy that needs to be customized.

3. Quality standards: Clarify the quality standards for customized plush toys, and communicate with the manufacturer to ensure that both parties have a consistent understanding.

4. Production cycle: Understand the production cycle of plush toys to ensure that customization requirements can be completed on time.

5. After-sales service: Confirm the content and scope of after-sales services provided by the custom plush toy manufacturer.

6. Packaging requirements: Clarify the packaging requirements for plush toys and whether brand logos or other content need to be printed.

7. Price issue: Fully communicate with the plush toy manufacturer to understand the price and payment method of customized plush toys.

8. Delivery method: Determine the delivery method and transportation method of the plush toy, including logistics costs, freight time, etc.

9. Safety requirements: For customized needs for children's toys, special attention needs to be paid to safety issues and corresponding safety standards must be followed.

For Jinjiang Hansightoys Co., Ltd., it was established in 1985. After years of accumulation and growth, it has now developed into a custom made plush toys manufacturer integrating design, customization and production. More than a hundred professional designers create customized dolls for customers, and nearly a thousand workers make plush toys. We have been designing and producing various styles and specifications of corporate and event mascots, dolls, zodiac animal toys, Fabric toys and more than ten series of products.

At the same time, Hansightoy plush toy suppliers also cooperate with customers in business methods such as OEM, ODM customization, brand development, and foreign trade OEM production according to customer needs. Since its establishment, the factory has been adopting implementation standards no lower than those of the European Union, and its products are exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. The company has passed international ISO and other relevant international and domestic certifications.

How to make custom plush toy