What Is The Splatter Ball Gun?
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What Is The Splatter Ball Gun?

Splatter ball gun is a shooting toy gun, also known as gel ball blasters, gel guns or gel shooters. They use small water droplets called "gel balls" as ammunition. These crystal bombs are made of special materials that can absorb water, expand, and be launched at a certain speed.

Splatter blaster gun look and operate like real firearms, but they don't have gunpowder or real ammunition. The projectile is pushed by a spring or gas inside the barrel. After hitting the target, the projectile will quickly melt or dry out. Crystal bombs have no obvious destructive power or danger after being launched, and are generally considered to be a relatively safe gaming and entertainment equipment.

Gel blaster guns are widely used in gaming, military simulations, and role-playing activities in some places. Although they are commonly called gel blasters, a gel blaster gun, also known as a water blaster, is a toy simulation gun that uses a water pellet ammo launcher to fire water pellets. The gun is usually made of plastic or metal, and its mechanism is combined with a pneumatic or electronic firing system to enable the water droplets to be ejected at a certain speed. Water bead ammunition is usually a fermented granule of water-absorbent plant powder that expands into a fruit gel-like substance after being soaked in water. Players can perform activities by participating in games and simulated battles, similar to other simulated military games (such as Airsoft). Gel blaster guns are widely used for entertainment and leisure activities, and have gradually developed into competitive sports in some areas.

Gel blaster gun firing principle


By manually pulling the bolt, the cylinder sucks air, and at the same time, the water bomb is pressed from the magazine into the barrel. Finally, the trigger is pulled, and the water bomb "breaks out" under the action of air.


Install the lithium battery and pull the trigger. The lithium battery keeps the motor moving and drives the cylinder to quickly eject the water bomb.

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