Fabrics for Plush Toys: Crystal Super Soft Fabric and Knitted Fabric
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Fabrics for Plush Toys: Crystal Super Soft Fabric and Knitted Fabric

Hansightoy stuffed animal factory uses crystal super soft fabric and knitted fabric in the process of making plush toys. Different fabrics not only affect the feel and appearance of the toy, but are also directly related to its durability and safety. Hansightoy plush toy factory support fabric and character customization.

Crystal Super Soft Fabric


Crystal super soft fabric is a highly simulated velvet fabric with extremely high softness and gloss. This fabric is usually made of microfiber, and the fiber diameter is usually between 0.3-1.0 denier, giving it a silky touch and good drape.


Soft and comfortable: Crystal Super Soft Fabric feels extremely soft and is suitable for making plush toys for infants and children.
High gloss: This fabric has a glossy surface, which can enhance the high-end and visual appeal of the toy.
Easy to clean: The structure of microfiber makes it not easy to accumulate dust, and it is resistant to washing and can maintain long-term cleanliness.
Diversity: Crystal Super Soft Fabric has a rich selection of colors and patterns to meet different design needs.


Higher price: Due to its high quality, the cost of Crystal Super Soft fabric is relatively high, which may increase the production cost of toys.
Easy to pilling: Despite its softness, pilling may occur after long-term use or washing.

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Knitted fabric


Knitted fabric is a textile produced by knitting technology, which has good elasticity and breathability. Common knitted fabrics include cotton knitting, polyester knitting and blended knitting.


Good elasticity: Knitted fabric has good elasticity and ductility, and can adapt well to toys of various shapes and sizes.
Good breathability: Its structure allows air to circulate freely, increasing the breathability and comfort of toys.
High durability: Knitted fabric is resistant to wear and tear, which can ensure the durability of toys.
Low cost: Compared with Crystal Super Soft fabric, knitted fabric has a relatively low cost and is suitable for mass production.


Harder touch: Although it has good elasticity, some knitted fabrics may not be as soft to the touch as Crystal Super Soft fabric.
Easy to deform: Knitted fabrics may deform or loosen after long-term use or washing.

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Applicable scenarios

Crystal super soft fabric: suitable for plush toys that require high-end and excellent feel, especially for infants and high-end markets.
Knitted fabric: suitable for toys that require durability and elasticity, suitable for making various types of complicated plush toys, and suitable for the mass market.