What are the fillings of plush toys?
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What are the fillings of plush toys?

If the fabric and patterning determine the appearance of the doll, then the filling is the soul of the doll. Then Hansightoy the most professional plush toy makers, will give you some popular knowledge about cotton filling in plush toys.

1. PP cotton

PP cotton is commonly known as doll cotton, also known as cotton for stuffed animal. Compared with other fillers, PP cotton is the most suitable and widely used in plush toys. Soft and comfortable, cost-effective, easy to clean and dry. The material is polypropylene staple fiber, divided into ABC grade.

Grade A PP vacuum cotton: Each fiber of it is hollow, so no matter how you twist or press it, it will quickly rebound to its original state. However, due to its high cost, it is generally used for export toys and domestic home textiles such as pillows and space quilts.

Grade B PP three-dimensional cotton: generally used in most current toys and some home textile products.

C-grade PP two-dimensional cotton: The rebound effect is not very ideal and it is easy to deform, so it is relatively rare at present.

What are the fillings of plush toys

2. Down cotton

Elastic down cotton is a three-dimensional distributed elastic cotton made by processing technology. Generally speaking, it is a kind of fiber mixed with 2% elastic in cotton seeds. Delicate and softer than most fillings on the market, it has good compressibility, excellent elasticity and easy care. However, the finished product is easily scattered and deformed over time, so it is often used in spandex super-soft type prone plush toys.

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3. PE (polyethylene) plastic particles

Some plush toys have a grain of filler on the buttocks. These fillings are not packed in bulk, and there is a small bag inside the plush toy to pack these particles. These particles are based on the design intent of the toy to determine the number and location of the filling, not to replace the filling cotton with shoddy goods.

For example, a plush toy that takes a sitting position will put a small bag of particles near the buttocks, and in order to keep the hands and feet drooping naturally when standing, a small amount of particles will be filled in the limbs. Generally, the rubber particles of all export products are required to be wrapped in inner bags.

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4. Pearl cotton

Pearl cotton, also known as spherical cotton, is the one with the smallest molecule and the highest resilience among all sponges. The pearl cotton is compressed, and its texture is tightly arranged in the form of beads. With the process of use, the internal stress of the pearl particles will gradually release, and it will become more and more fluffy. Therefore, the plush toys filled with pearl cotton have good fullness, loose quality, softness, and higher resilience than PP cotton, without clumping or sticking.

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5. Foam particles

Foam particles, also known as snow peas, are 0.5-1mm nanoparticles (EPS polystyrene particles), with a texture and elasticity, strong fluidity and good air permeability. It is generally used as a filler for pillows or lazy sofa neck pillows, and some soft dolls are also widely used.

Foam particle dolls are generally made of high-elastic spandex fabrics, which feel very comfortable, soft to the touch, and flow well. However, due to their poor moldability, nano toys are rarely large.

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