Why kids like stuffed animals so much
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Why Do Kids Like Stuffed Animals So Much?

Every child seems to have a little thing they are very attached to. Many children like those fluffy dolls very much. Why do babies have a strong attachment to these fluffy or soft little things? Then there is Hansightoy Plush toy manufacturers to answer.

Because the baby needs a certain item to provide him with a sense of security during the process of growing from a fully cared for newborn to an independent individual, this type of item is called a "transitional object" in psychology, more commonly known as "lovey" or "comfort object".

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The benefits of plush toys

First, a sense of security. Young children are dependent by nature, and they need a certain amount of protection and a sense of security. The softness, warmth and cuteness of plush toys bring a sense of intimacy to young children, making them feel protected and safe.

Second, the desire to explore. Children are in the stage of exploring the world, they are full of curiosity about the things around them. Plush toys have different shapes, materials, textures, colors, etc., providing children with an opportunity to explore the world. They will touch with their hands, see with their eyes, try with their mouths, and discover new and interesting things.

Third, emotional needs. Children need to establish emotional connections during their growth, and plush toys are like children's friends and playmates, accompanying them to grow up and bringing them joy and comfort. Little ones will love to fall asleep with plush toys, talk and play with plush toys, and get emotional satisfaction from it.

Fourth, express yourself. Children are in the stage of forming self-awareness, and they begin to have a certain understanding of their appearance, behavior, personality and other aspects. Plush toys allow children to express themselves during play, such as expressing their imagination and creativity by naming plush toys and making stories for plush toys.

To sum up, there are many psychological reasons why children like plush toys, including a sense of security, desire to explore, emotional needs, and self-expression. Parents can properly provide plush toys to children according to their psychological needs to help them grow better. Follow Hansightoy stuffed animal manufacturer to learn more plush toy knowledge news and product information.

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