China Best Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animals Manufacturer
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China Best Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animals Manufacturer

The bunny rabbit stuffed animals features soft plush and fine details that bring it to life. The body is presented in warm tones such as white, gray and brown, giving it a warm and comfortable feel. And it can assume different postures, some squatting and some stretching out.

Hansightoy as a bunny rabbit stuffed animals manufacturer. The rabbit stuffed animals Whether placed as a decorative item on a bookshelf or as a companion toy for children, these bunny stuffed animals bring joy and warmth to the home.

Brand Name: Hansight
Product Name: Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animals
Height: 20/30cm
Size: 20/30cm
Usage: Kids Adults Gift
Colour: Picture Color or Custom
Material: PP Cotton Inside
Feature: Gift Children Play
Place of Origin: Fujian, China

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