Custom Cute 32cm Pink White Rabbit Stuffed Animal Plush Toys
Product Description

Custom Cute 32cm Pink White Rabbit Stuffed Animal Plush Toys

This stuffed bunny animal comes in white and purple and can also be customized. There is a bow tied on the body and the ears are erect, giving people a lively and cute feeling. The bows were tied neatly and orderly, and the little rabbit's eyes were closed tightly, looking peaceful and content. The overall design is simple and cute, very suitable for children to play.

Hansightoy rabbit stuffed animal manufacturer is made of super soft fabric that is very comfortable to touch. It has fine details, especially the details of the bow, as well as the rabbit's ears and facial expressions, all carefully designed and crafted. The bunny's eyes-closed expression gives off a sense of peace and relaxation, making people want to hold it and fall asleep.

Hansightoy wholesale stuffed bunny rabbit, this bunny stuffed animal is not only suitable as a toy, but also a perfect gift. It can accompany children as they grow and become their loyal partner. Whether in bed, sofa or desk, it brings joy and warmth.

Product Description

Brand Name: Hansight
Product Name: Rabbit Plush Toys
Material: Plush Fabric
Filling: PP Cotton
Height: 32cm
Usage: Kids Adults Gift
Colour: White, purple or Custom
OEM & ODM: Accept Custom
Feature: Gift Children Play
Place of Origin: Fujian, China

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